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Is your company succeeding at finding new customers?

From Yellow Pages to the internet: Are new prospects finding you?

  Weren’t the Yellow Pages great? Everybody had them. And everybody used them. When your agency advertised in the Yellow Pages, new customers called. My, how things have changed. Unfortunately, the Yellow Pages are now basically useless. Instead, we have the Internet. With the internet, things aren’t nearly so easy. SCHEDULE A DEMONSTRATION   How…

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Image for blog post on how agents can compete with the insurance ads placed by billion dollar insurance companies

How to Compete Against Billion Dollar Insurance Advertising Budgets

  Insurance ads are everywhere. In fact, according to Statista, the amount spent on advertisements by insurance companies is the 5th largest of any industry. As an insurance agent or industry professional working for a carrier that doesn’t advertise, the large ad budgets seem like a formidable competitive threat. But is that true? Actually, it…

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