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Five Reasons Insurance Companies Use ValChoice Tools

Gain mindshare with agencies using ValChoice tools


Agents are busy people. Keeping a focus on your offering can be challenging. However, when your company includes ValChoice tools as part of a co-op marketing program, mindshare improves in two ways. 1) Naturally due to more engagement and 2) through the opportunity tracking that comes with the built in sales funnel management tools. LEARN MORE

Differentiate the insurance you offer using ValChoice tools


Every company needs to show current customers why they should continue to be a customer and future prospects why they should become a customer. The big companies want price to be the primary factor. Fortunately, most shoppers care about value and quality. ValChoice tools visually display (based on sophisticated mathematical analysis and high-quality data that’s collected by state departments of insurance) the quality of each insurance provider. LEARN MORE

ValChoice tools help agencies with their web marketing and digital marketing

Web Marketing

Digital marketing is entirely new to most insurance agencies and some insurance companies. In fact, it’s so new some companies don’t know where to start, what to prioritize or how much to spend. That’s where we come in. No IT resources required, no additional resources required, just easy to use tools that work. LEARN MORE

Tools to provide social media content is integrated into the ValChoice tools

Social Media

Do you need fresh social media content? We have a simple fix. Auto post (set it and forget it) the Comparison Tool to your favorite social media platforms. The Comparison Tool is a proven way to show that your company cares about quality. That’s powerful branding! LEARN MORE

Prospect Network

Engaging web shoppers when the large insurers are spending billions per year on advertising used to be almost impossible. ValChoice changed that. Our Prospect Network puts your agents in touch with people actively shopping for insurance, that meet your criteria (location, income level, etc.). Even agencies with only 100s of web visitors per month can now compete online. LEARN MORE

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