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Agent Mindshare is Half the Battle

Never be Forgotten Again

Increase Mindshare Within Your Agency Plant

Most personal lines insurance companies are losing market share every year. Even when premiums are growing, most carriers are losing market share.

Carriers that use ValChoice tools enjoy higher growth rates. We’ve demonstrated year-over-year growth rate increases of more than 100x. No rate changes are needed. In fact, rates can be higher than the competition. “Making money later” was never a good strategy. Now that approach is obsolete because we shift the focus from price to quality. Best of all, it takes almost no effort and no new skills.

For an analysis of business migration within and between sales channels, read our post “The Future of Insurance is Here.

HawkSoft – Insurance Perspectives Podcast

ValChoice tools give carriers input into the sales process that they’ve never had, but always needed.

Carrier mindshare within the agency plant is no longer dependent only on low prices, good relationships and compensation. Now carriers can make the work day of agents much easier. Simplicity of achieving goals greatly increases the carriers opportunity within the agency.