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It’s a Hard Market. Time for a Different Approach.

ValChoice Automated Marketing is the Easiest to Use and Delivers the Best Results.

We Make it Easy


Most ValChoice users come to us after trying a CRM. But, they ran into challenges. The challenges include: 1) team members refuse to embrace another interface. Think about it. One set of data, two interfaces (AMS and CRM). Why? 2) Automating insurance sales requires deep db integration. It’s hard work to do the integration and still be easy to use. ValChoice solved both problems. LEARN MORE

Stop Re-Marketing

Stop Re-Marketing

In a hard market, re-marketing is akin to a cat chasing its tail. Stop using your valuable resources on activity for which there’s no return. Our automated system reduces re-marketing requests by 80% with no increase in client loss. Now you can apply the agencies valuable resources to protecting clients from the ravages of inflation and winning new business. LEARN MORE

Hard Market Tool Kit

Hard Market Survival Kit

Hard markets are difficult, but they also create opportunity. The ValChoice hard market survival kit automates the unproductive time sinks of re-marketing, policy changes and book rolls. Now you can focus on selling where we automate upselling, cross selling and more. We even automate getting referrals. LEARN MORE

ValChoice gauge with a value of 68

Quality Rater

Take the focus off price by providing quality ratings for both new and renewal business. Data shows 80% of policyholders care about quality. Give customers what they want, the ability to easily make the tradeoff between quality and price. Including quality ratings is optional. LEARN MORE

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