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Insurance Agents and Brokers

Six Reasons Agents and Brokers Use ValChoice Tools

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Quality Rater

Take the focus off price by providing quality ratings for both new and renewal business. Data shows 80% of policyholders care about quality. Give customers what they want, the ability to easily make the tradeoff between quality and price. LEARN MORE

Stop Re-Marketing

Stop Re-Marketing

This automated system reduces re-marketing requests by 80% with 98% retention rates. That means you can stop re-marketing and significantly increase your firms profitability. Setup takes approximately an hour and can run forever. Yes, one hour to massively increase profitability. LEARN MORE

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New Business – Referrals, Cross Selling and More

Automated processes that work 80% of the time are too valuable to reserve for renewals. That’s why we automated new business processes as well so you can grow your business both more easily, more effectively and with less labor cost.“ LEARN MORE

Social Media

Do you need fresh social media content? We have a simple fix. Auto post (set it and forget it) the Comparison Tool to your favorite social media platforms. The Comparison Tool is a proven way to show that your company cares about quality (that’s powerful branding) and will bring leads directly to your agency. LEARN MORE


Ads work. The big advertisers have proven that. But agencies don’t have an army of marketing folks to create and manage the ad process. ValChoice has made advertising so easy, one customer describes ValChoice advertising as “add water and stir.” Not only do we make it easy, we show you which ads are working and which aren’t. That way you won’t waste your money learning to be an advertising expert. LEARN MORE

High-Quality, Real-Time Leads

Industry lead systems don’t work for many agents. Unlike call centers, agents aren’t sitting at their desk waiting for the next lead to arrive. By fitting in with the work flow of agents, ValChoice enables you to claim leads, when the time is right…and the lead meets your criteria. LEARN MORE

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