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5 Key Elements of Your Insurance Agency Marketing Program


Marketing can be confusing. Everywhere you look there’s another vendor promising to deliver the magic potion your agencies marketing program needs. In reality, most marketing programs take way too much work and deliver far too little benefit. To solve this problem, we’ve outlined the five key elements that your insurance agency marketing program should contain.

We’re experts in insurance marketing because we’ve lived it. Marketing an insurance agency isn’t like marketing hardly any other product. The unfortunate reality that a few big companies dominate the available eye balls for your marketing programs by spending billions of dollars per year, each, makes insurance a unique market. We understand those dynamics and share with you what marketing programs will be both effective and affordable.



Insurance Agency Marketing

The image for this post is a man riding a unicycle while juggling a whole bunch of items. Don’t do that. Trying numerous different elements is a waste of time. Below, we outline the five items that will have the most impact for your marketing program. Focus on these five items and let the rest wait.


Many insurance agencies are reluctant to include a blog. The main concern is the amount of time required to keep a blog up to date. This is a valid concern. We address the issue of how much time is required and explain both the upside and downside of including an insurance blog in your insurance agency marketing program. For more information, read the post titled, “Does my insurance agency website need an insurance blog?

Social Media

Social media is confusing. There are so many platforms, and for agencies using social media, most complain it’s done nothing to build their business. Also, social media can be expensive. In fact, just this morning I got an unsolicited quote in my email inbox that for a mere $297 per month, they would create daily social media content for me. Sorry unsolicited vendor, but I hope no one uses your service. That is a total ripoff.

We cover what social media platforms are important in the blog post titled “4 Must Know Items for Your Insurance Agency Social Media Strategy.” We also cover the type of content to post, how often to post. And possibly most important for many agencies, how to automate the posting so you don’t need to pay humans to mange the process.


Insurance advertising is proven effective. Otherwise, the big companies wouldn’t be paying billions per year to advertise. Can an agency compete in this arena? Or, is the budget required just too large.

We cover these questions and more in the blog post titled “Should insurance advertising be part of my agency budget?” In short, our advice is that agencies should at least give advertising a try as part of their insurance agency marketing program. Now there are ways to try advertising inexpensively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As one SEO firm said it to me recently, SEO has become a solution for companies with big budgets. Few insurance agencies have a big budget. Does that mean SEO is not an option for agencies? No, it doesn’t. What it means is that SEO goals and plans need to be realistic.

There are ways agencies can benefit from SEO without breaking the bank. We cover these unique techniques in the post titled “Five Steps to Maximize Insurance Agency SEO.

Updated website

Updating a website can be a big expense. Many agency owners wonder about the return on investment and time required to take on a project of this magnitude. As an independent party that’s not trying to sell you a new website, we share are thoughts on what’s important. For answers to these questions and more, checkout our blog post titled “Does my insurance agency website need updating?



One Stop Insurance Agency Marketing

ValChoice truly has become a one stop insurance agency marketing firm. At our core, we’re a data analytics company. Therefore, it’s reasonable to ask how did we become a marketing agency. Here’s how.

Like you, we want to draw consumers to our website. Getting consumers to view our content is part of how we spread the message about which insurers are best. over the years, we’ve tried just about every approach to building organic traffic. The result, we know just how hard this is to do. And, we know what works. Therefore, we decided it’s time to share this information with agencies.

Please share this blog post with others. In the long-term, having more effective online marketing programs is what will enable agencies and the best carriers to survive.

5 Key Elements of Your Insurance Agency Marketing Program
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5 Key Elements of Your Insurance Agency Marketing Program
Insurance agency marketing doesn't need to be difficult. Here are the five key elements your agency marketing program needs to include - ValChoice
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