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Insurance Customer Retention Campaign

Implementing Customer Retention Programs

  What is your companies most valuable asset? For many businesses, it’s their customers. In the insurance industry, customers have a very high lifetime value and new customers have a high acquisition cost. Those two facts make current customers tremendously valuable. Are you properly protecting this asset? This post focuses on implementing a retention campaign…

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Future of captive and independent insurance agents

The Future of Insurance is Here

  For over a decade pundits have been predicting the demise of insurance agents. The predictions were that online sales would soon dominate the market. Against the predictions of these pundits, insurance agents continued to thrive. Then 2019 arrived. It didn’t arrive in the way the pundits predicted. Instead, the future arrived in the form…

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Personal auto IA channel

5 Key Elements of Your Insurance Agency Marketing Program

  Marketing can be confusing. Everywhere you look there’s another vendor promising to deliver the magic potion your agencies marketing program needs. In reality, most marketing programs take way too much work and deliver far too little benefit. To solve this problem, we’ve outlined the five key elements that your insurance agency marketing program should…

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