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HawkSoft User Holiday Discount

Holiday Discount – HawkSoft Users

The holidays are here, and we’re celebrating with a holiday discount. Here’s what you get:

  1. The easiest automation system to use, bar none
  2. This is so easy to use, users don’t even need to be trained.
  3. The number one most effective automation system. Agencies using our system are benefiting from an 80% reduction in requests to be remarked and 98% policy in force retention.
  4. A 25% discount on the subscription price

Click this button and follow the instructions in the image below to place an order and claim this discount.


Adopting ValChoice is Simple

Follow the steps listed in the image below. When your order is complete, click the training link to setup a training time. HawkSoft users will have your first automations running within an hour of training. No need to train your producers or CSRs. We specialize in being easy to use.


HawkSoft User Holiday Discount


Estimate the Benefit to Your Agency

Use our online calculators to estimate the benefit to your company. Below are links the calculators:

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