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Does Your Agency Need Social Media?

The promise of a steady flow of new customers is the siren song of any business. Social media promises this steady flow of new customers through increased visibility. The desire for more customers is a primary reason for the adoption of social media by businesses.

Unfortunately, few insurance agencies materially change their performance by adopting social media. The truth is, there are other equally, or even more important, actions that must also must be taken. These other actions should be used before, or combined with, social media. The following are two easy steps to take before adopting social media as part of your marketing plan.

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The Pre-Requisites to a Social Media Strategy

First, never lose a customer. Losing customers makes the already difficult task of growing your business even more difficult.

Second, increase the conversion rate. The cost of not converting leads into customers is significant. The cost includes both hard costs like increased payroll as well as opportunity costs of not pursuing other potential clients that could become long-term customers.

Improving Conversion Rate is a Priority

ValChoice tools are purpose built for insurance agents. Agents use these tools to increase conversion rate and improve customer loyalty. Click the button below to find out if ValChoice tools can help your business. Clicking the button will take you directly to a web page where you can order a report on any company you represent. The report will show whether ValChoice tools can help grow your business.

Increasing customer retention and conversion rate are often the two most significant steps agency owners can take to improve growth and profitability. Best of all, it’s easy to do. Taking these actions first will increase both the cash flow and the profitability of the business.

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