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Conversion rate tools for insurance agents

Conversion Rate Tools for Insurance Agents

Finally, technology is enabling insurance agents to increase their conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. Facing increasing competition, agents and agencies are adopting easy-to-use tools that increase their efficiency.

The tools are based on big data analytics, quantitatively measuring the recent history of price, performance (claims payment) and service, for every car insurance company, in every state. Following the same model as credit reports and services such as Carfax on used vehicles, ValChoice tools were originally made available to consumers. Consumers found the easy-to-understand information informative and valuable. Insurance agents recognized the value of these tools for their businesses and requested a version of the tools customized to their specific needs. As a result, ValChoice is now announcing the beta release of our tools with a modified interface for insurance agents. Click here for a report on a company or companies you represent.

Availability of the Conversion Rate Tools for Agents

With the availability of our conversion rate tools for insurance agents, we are also announcing the launch of the www.agent.valchoice.com website. These tools and services provide agents and agencies with:

  • Unique analysis of the insurance industry
  • Reports on company performance, state-by-state, personalized for the agent running the report
  • Summary scores, or details of price, performance (claims payment history) and service quality
  • Side-by-side comparisons of companies

Findings of the Early Adopters

Early adopters of our tools found benefits to agents and agencies in the following ways:

  • Agency management – having analytics to helped agency owners and managers select which companies to represent
  • New business development – dramatically increased the conversion rates by visually showing which companies offer the best solution
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty – the transparency provided and the independent and unbiased nature of the tools created a trust among customers that increased their satisfaction and loyalty

To know if these conversion rate tools can help your business, click this link and order a report on the company or companies you represent. The premium report includes all the information on price, protection (claims payment history) and service that your customers have access to. For agents representing the best companies, these conversion rate tools are the best way to demonstrate to clients the quality of the offering you are recommending they purchase.

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