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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are responses to frequently asked questions about our Tools for Agents.

Q: What’s the return on investment for Tools for Agents?
A: Agents regularly tell us that using tools for one day pays the cost for the entire year.

Q: Are the tools hard to use?
A: No. The Tools for Agents are designed to be usable in minutes with no training.

  • Users with no computer skills can use the Tools for Agents on their first try with no training.
  • Professional subscribers can create a personal website with no web experience.

Q: How are agents using the Tools for Agents?
A: Agents find our tools invaluable for:

  • Attracting new customers.
  • Closing new business.
  • Cross selling existing business with additional products.
  • Preventing customer loss.
  • Saving lost business.

Q: What IT resources are required to get the tools for agents installed?
A: None.

  • No software is installed on any computer.
  • Full capability is available from any computer or mobile device the user logs into.

Q: Why does ValChoice offer subscriptions to insurance agents and is that a conflict of interest for a company grading insurance companies?
A: Our goal is to help consumers make better decisions when buying insurance by knowing which companies provide the best price, protection (claims payment history) and service. Enabling agents that sell good insurance to enable transparency is the most effective way of sharing this important  information. This is not a conflict of interest because we develop the algorithms independent of the insurance industry and we sell subscriptions to anyone who wants to use the information to share with their clients. The business model in  many ways is similar to a car dealership providing a Carfax report or a bank providing a credit report to their clients.

Q: How are ValChoice grades calculated?
A: We analyze numerous metrics for every active insurance company in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C. The metrics we analyze include financial performance results, performance projections, consumer complaints, regulatory actions, etc.. The data is analyzed at the state, regional and national level.

Q: How do ValChoice grades differ from user surveys offered by other companies?
A: Other grading systems rely on user surveys. User surveys are inherently inaccurate for many reasons, including:

  • User surveys do not distinguish between writing companies, where there are often dramatic differences between companies within a group of companies.
  • User surveys do not distinguish performance differences on a state-by-state basis, where there are often dramatic differences within a group of companies.
  • Consumers of insurance have limited experience with insurance companies so have limited ability to compare one to another.

Q: How do ValChoice grades differ from A.M. Best analysis?
A: A.M. Best analyzes financial strength. ValChoice analyzes value: price, protection and service. The combination of an A.M. Best report and a ValChoice report provides a complete picture of an insurance company.